Can ProSolution Plus Help You Last Longer?

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation? Up to 30% of men do, so you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pressure for men to last longer in bed these days.

Rappers like Missy Elliot sing about how they “don’t want no one-minute man” while Ms. Thing needs a man who can last for “one, two, three hours.”

The ability to last in bed is, for better or worse, associated with sexual prowess and masculinity.

One possible answer to the frustrating problem of premature ejaculation is ProSolution Plus. This is a male enhancement supplement you take like a vitamin.

Studies have shown that taking ProSolution Plus can result in a 64% improvement in premature ejaculation. It’s totally natural and there are no side effects.

Let’s take a closer look at this product. What is the science behind it? The ingredients? What kind of results should you expect?

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What Exactly is Premature Ejaculation?

Unfortunately, about 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation, which means they and their partners are falling short of having mutual, satisfying sex.

According to a recent study of American and Canadian sex therapists, intercourse that lasts less than two minutes is “too short.”

Intercourse that lasts from 3 to 7 minutes is “adequate”, while intercourse that lasts 7 to 13 minutes is “desirable.”

Anything longer than that is “too long.”

If you’re reading this you probably fall into the “too short” category. Less than 2 minutes.

This isn’t satisfactory for either partner, and men who suffer from premature ejaculation often suffer from low levels of confidence and happiness as a result of this problem.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that men who suffer from premature ejaculation often said they felt severely distressed.

And it’s a vicious cycle—-men who ejaculate too quickly start to suffer from performance anxiety, which leads to more sexual dysfunction.

What is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is one of the only natural male enhancement supplements targeting premature ejaculation.

It is based on Ayurvedic medicine, which is one of the world’s oldest healing sciences. But it has also been formulated using modern science.

This blending of the ancient and the modern is what makes ProSolution Plus so unique and powerful.

A recent clinical study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics shows just how effective ProSolution Plus is. (You can access the study here).

This study lasted two months and involved almost 150 men who suffered from mild to moderate sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, low libido, and premature ejaculation.

Otherwise they were in good health. Half of the subjects took ProSolution Plus and the other half a placebo.

The results of the test were impressive. The men who took the ProSolution Plus reported a 67% increase in erection quality, a 78% improvement in overall sexual function and satisfaction, and a 64% improvement in issues involving premature ejaculation.

The company that manufactures ProSolution Plus is called Leading Edge, and they’ve been in business for over 15 years. Impressively, they get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

ProSolution Plus can only be purchased online at And if you click through the banner below you’ll be eligible for the money-back guarantee.

You’ll have 67 days to try the product out. If you don’t like it you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

ProSolution Plus is taken daily, like a vitamin. Some men report seeing results in as little as a week, although it can take up to a month for the ingredients to fully build up in the system.

ProSolution Plus Ingredients

ProSolution Plus is manufactured in the United States at an FDA-approved plant. The proprietary formula includes a variety of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that have been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Indian medicine. Everything is natural.

Tribulus Terrestris – A well-known aphrodisiac, this herb has been used for thousands of years to improve sexual performance. Clinical studies involving rats showed an increase in sexual activity over an 8 week period, with less time between ejaculations. Scientific evidence suggests that this herb contains protodioscin, an active compound that improves sexual function.

Withania Somnifera – This herb has long been used for relaxation purposes. But recent scientific studies show that it also promotes blood circulation throughout the body, including to the penis. More blood to the penis results in stronger, longer lasting erections.

Asparagus Adscendens – Rich in antioxidants, this herb is a natural testosterone stimulator. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone responsible for sexual functioning. Studies show that it increases ejaculatory strength and control of the penis during intercourse.

Mucuna Pruriens – This herb stimulates your body into producing more dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood, relaxation, and sexuality. Studies with animals show an increase in sexual activity, while a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that this ingredient helps improve libido and testosterone levels in diabetics.

Asteracantha Longifolia – This ingredient improves sexual functioning and is particularly known for increasing semen volume. The more semen ejaculated from the penis, the longer lasting the orgasm. Women associate lots of semen with sexual prowess, fertility, and masculinity.

Curculigo Orchioides – Recent studies suggest that this flowering plant species can improve erection strength and duration. This particular ingredient holds a lot of promise as a natural medicine, with further studies being conducted on its powers to strengthen the entire male sexual system.

Asphaltum – This incredible substance is basically a wax that forms in the cracks of the Himalayan Mountains. It contains more than 85 minerals and vitamins, and is used extensively in ancient traditional medicines to increase sexual energy and performance. Researchers also found that it reduces fatigue in mountain climbers at elevated altitudes.

Make a Positive Change in Your Life

If you’re suffering from mild to moderate premature ejaculation, then it’s likely that ProSolution Plus can help you.

Too many men suffer in silence, when a simple solution is close at hand.

You don’t need a prescription to order this product. You simply buy it online and an unmarked package will be sent to you discreetly.

Plus, if you order through the banner below, you’ll be offered a 67-day money back guarantee. So there’s really nothing to lose.

Either it works, which could be life-changing, or you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

You can also read my reviews of two other male enhancement products: ProSolution Pills and ProSolution Gel.

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